About Us

Over half a century after it started its ethanol business, Molindo Group is now the largest food grade ethanol producer in Indonesia, producing various products under the Molindo ethanol, Molindo liquid CO2 & dry ice, and Molindo fertilizer brands.

To become the leading and best integrated ethanol industry company in Asia Pacific, both in product quality and in standard production practices.

  • Producing and providing high quality products by operating in an integrated and attentive manner from plantation, processing until distribution to the market.
  • Further increase high competitiveness among ethanol producers in Asia Pacific.
  • Ensuring the entire production processes from upstream to downstream observe quality management and environmentally friendly principles, supported by professional organization and human resources.
  • Carry out all activities of the Company by consistently relying on efforts to fulfill the interests of all stakeholders.


MOLINDO always applies quality principles in the Company’s overall activities to ensure that products are of high quality standards

Customer Oriented

MOLINDO is committed to provide the best to all of its customers


MOLINDO is forward thinking and implement each activity based on environmentally friendly principles


MOLINDO is capable of looking forward and identify promising new business opportunities through continuous creativity development and innovation, as well as open to new ideas


MOLINDO creates a conducive and good working environment with mutual respect, giving each other example, and encouraging each other to achieve an optimal level of synergy


MOLINDO is always responsive to the dynamics and changes in business environment in order in to maintain business competitiveness by continuously improving performance, productivity, efficiency, and speed of work


MOLINDO prioritizes the Company’s overall interests over that of a certain group or personal interests and applies an objective point of view in every decision