Welcome to Molindo Group

We are Molindo, the largest manufacturer in Indonesia of high quality food grade ethanol and liquid CO2. Molindo started in 1965 in the province of East Java as a family-owned corporation and has become a public listed company in 2018.

Molindo Group is comprised of PT Madusari Murni Indah Tbk as the public listed holding company of the Group with two (2) manufacturing companies and one (1) distribution and trading company namely: PT Molindo Raya Industrial as the manufacturer of ethanol and fertilizer, PT Molindo Inti Gas as the manufacturer of liquid CO2 and dry ice, and PT Sumber Kita Indah as the distribution and trading company of ethanol and other products.

Our Companies

Holding Company

PT Madusari Murni Indah Tbk (MMI) is the Group's holding company, and its shares are listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "MOLI".

Ethanol and Fertilizer Plant

Molasses from sugar cane are fermented and distilled to become high quality ethanol for food & beverages industries, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, and other industrial applications.

The residue after distillation is processed into organic and potassium ("kalium") fertilizers, and distributed in the domestic and international markets.

Certified by the International Organization for Standardization, Molindo's ethanol is a sustainable product with zero discharge, zero waste, thanks for the state-of-the-art facility of MRI located in Lawang, district of Malang, province of East Java, Indonesia.

Liquid CO2 and Dry Ice

As sugar converts into ethanol during the fermentation of molasses, it releases CO2 that is captured through pipes that connect to the high-tech equipment of MIG to turn into high quality food grade liquid CO2 and dry ice.

Breaking boundaries and setting new quality standards, MIG became one of the best liquid CO2 and dry ice manufacturers in Indonesia.

Ethanol Distribution Company

Molindo's ethanol products are distributed under Molindo's own distribution company, SKI, headquartered in Cibitung, West Java, with several distribution facilities across Indonesia. With its sales and marketing capabilities, SKI dominates the ethanol market in Indonesia.

Our Symbol - Molindo

We are known as Molindo, the foundation of 4 corporations with different names and symbols for each business, but clinging to a symbol of the letter "i" which resembles a silhouette of a human with a head in the form of droplets or drops of water that describe chemical companies.

5 Characters from Molindo Symbols

Humans reflect corporations that are more humane, friendly and treat people more humanely.

The human form with the right hand is directed towards the future. This illustrates Molindo's human resources always looking forward and directing all of their business activities into the future.

Human form which stretches both hands as a form of openness and acceptance towards others. This form is a symbol that the company will continue to emphasize customer service and humanity in the company.

The shape of the human head is in the form of water drops or symbols of alcohol. This illustrates that all of Molindo's group of human resources have the mind to continue to put the company's focus as a company engaged in ethanol.

Human form also means that all products produced by the Molindo group are products that care and are useful for the needs of human life ranging from medicines, cosmetics, personal care to drinks and cigarettes.