Company At A Glance

PT Molindo Raya Industrial (“Molindo”).

Molindo is one of the leading ethanol producer in Indonesia, with a production capacity 51 million litres/year. Molindo is also one out of three biggest ethanol producer in Indonesia. Since it holds 90% of the domestic market, Molindo becomes the domestic market leader.

With fourty five years experiences in ethanol industry, Molindo has the “brand recognition” in producing food grade ethanol. Both in domestic ang international market.

With the concern towards the environment, Molindo through its production management, processes its waste to produce value added products: liquid foodgrade CO2, potassium and organic fertilizer. The CO2 production is managed by its subsidiaries which is PT Molindo Inti Gas (“MIG”). At this moment, MIG is one of the biggest liquid CO2 (food grade) supplier in Indonesia. While, the Potassium and Organic fertilizer has 10,500 ton and 10,000 ton capacity/year.

Vision, Mission and Values:

Vision :

“To be a leading integrated ethanol industry in Asia Pacific”

Mission :

In order to achieve the above stated vision, the company carried strategic business mission, by:

  • Producing and providing high quality ethanol products through integrated operation, starting from plantatiaon business, processing, to marketing.
  • Improving high competitive power among Ethanol producers in Asia Pacific
  • Ensuring that the whole production process, from upstream to downstream, complies with the quality management principles and is environmental friendly, and supported also by professional organization and HR.
  • Carrying out all activities of The Company by always relying on the efforts to meet the interest of all of its stakeholders.

The values :

In achieving its vision and mission, The Company is supported by values, which constitute The Company’s business culture that have become The Company’s business guidance until now, referred to as “MOLINDO”, which is:

 Mutu / Quality

The Company always applies quality principles in each of its activity, thus whatever it is producing shall always have high standard of quality.

 Orientasi pelanggan       /  customer oriented

The Company has the commitment to always provide the best for all customers.

 Lingkungan / environment

The Company prioritizes thoughts and implementation of each activity that is based on environmental friendly principles.

 Inovatif / innovative

The Company is able to look ahead and capture new promising business ventures by continuously developing creativity and innovation, and to be open to new ideas.

 Nyaman / pleasant

The Company creates a conducive and fun working environment by appreciating each other, leading the other by example, and pushing each other to gain an optimum level of synergy.

 Dinamis / dynamic

The Company is always quick to respond to the dynamics and changes in the business environment to maintain its business competitive power by continuously improving performance, productivity, efficiency, and speed in working.

 Objektif / objective

The Company prioritizes the interest of The Company above group or personal interest, and uses objective view in making each decision.