Social Resposibility

One of the values of Molindo that guides the management of the company is "Environment", where "Molindo” prioritize the way of thinking and the implementation of every activity that is based on environmentally sound principles." Therefore Molindo have rules that ensure the preservation of natural preservation and harmonious relationship between the company and surrounding communities.

In this time practically, Molindo has been carrying out partnership and community development programs to five (5) villages around the company operational area.

Public Facilities Development Sector, such as:

·        Bridge Construction;

·        Paving Roads;

·        Lighting the Way (PLN);

·        Provision of Clean Water (PDAM);

Health, such as:

·        Health education on IHC / Village in collaboration with the PHC.

·        Free Cataract Surgery for the less fortunate residents in the neighborhood surrounding the company;

Education Sector, such as:

·        Providing funding donation for school fees for the sons / daughters of employees and less fortunate citizens around the company starts from Kindergarten Level to High School (currently there are ± 90 foster children)

Field Sports, such as:

·        Providing donation in the form of sports equipment to youth organizations “Karang Taruna”: Volleyball, Football ball, costumes and other equipment.

 Social and Community Sector, among others:

·        Providing social danation to the Orphanage;

·        Providing donation if the form of “Food Basic Needs/Sembako” to the less fortunate citizens;

·        Assist and provide funding support for the National Day celebration activities;

·        Eradication of mosquitoes (fogging) to prevent the spread of mosquito causes dengue fever.

Spirituality fields, among others:


·        Construction and renovation of places of worship, both Muslim and Christian.

·        Held a joint prayer for employees and citizens of both Muslims and Christians in every month.

·        Assist and provide funding support for activities of the celebration of religious holidays, such as the provision of animal sacrifice, etc..

Economic Affairs, among others:

·        Partnerships with local people in sharing yield system of planting timber. (Jati, Gembilina, Sengon Laut and Pete).


                                       PHOTOS: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Build the connection bridge for  RW.008 and RW. 009 Kalirejo, Lawang
 Paving aid delivery at Sidodadi, Lawang


Donation for clean water supply (PDAM) at Paras Village, Mulyoarjo


Free Health Consultation and Free Medical Services di Paras Village, Mulyoarjo. th. 2009.

Free Catarac Surgery at Malang Eye Clinic for those whose living in poverty (64 eyes had been operated in 2009)

 Foster Children Program – Grant for studying at SMPN 2 Lawang.
 Profit Sharing Partnership Program - Gembilina planting  cooperate with  Mulyoarjo’s society.