Molindo’s main product is Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, which has a molecular formula of C2H5OH. In producing Ethanol, Molindo uses cane molasses for its raw material, and through fermentation and distillation, Molindo is able to produce a food grade quality ethanol.

With its awareness towards the environment, Molindo has managed to process its production waste, CO2 gas and liquid Vinase,to generate value-added products. The CO2 gas is then processed to produce food grade liquid CO2; furthermore, the liquid Vinase has also been processed to produce Potassium and Organic fertilizers.

Currently, Molindo has 3 (three) products which are:

1.      Ethanol and Spiritus

Ethanol is considered to be a basic chemical which has been widely used as a solvent of substances in consumer goods industries, such as in cosmetic industry, cigarette industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, painting industry, ink industry and many more.

Variety of Ethanol which Molindo produces:

Food Grade :

·        Super Fine Grade Ethanol (97% v/v)

·        Prime Grade Ethanol 996% v/v)

Industrial dan Fuel Grade

·        Industrial Grade Ethanol (95% v/v)

·        Anhydrous Ethanol (99,5% v/v)


2. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a chemical compound in a gas form that is colorless and odorless. Besides being commonly used in beverage industry, food grade liquid CO 2 is also used in other industries such as: chemical, cigarette, welding, food and beverage, and agriculture.


With its well-known selling brand “Sinar Matahari”, Molindo is currently producing 2 (two) types of fertilizer: (i) Potassium Fertilizer ZK-PLUS (+ Micronutrient) and (ii) Pure Organic Fertilizer SINAR MATAHARI


Potassium Fertilizer ZK-PLUS (+ Micro Element) contains 4 (four) main nutrients such as:

·        K2O                 : min 35 %

·        MgO                : min   4 %

·        S                      : min   5 %

·        CaO                : min   6 %

·        Other Micro elements : Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Mo dan CO

Potassium Fertilizer ZK-PLUS is useful in increasing the weight and quality of agricultural products from various plants: potatoes, cabbage, onion, apple, grape, orange, watermelon, melon, tomatoes, chili, tobacco, sugarcane, corn and many more.


Molindo’s Pure Organic fertilizer SINAR MATAHARI consists of:

·        Corganic                      : 25,69 %

·        C/N ratio                      : 12,66 %

·        PH                               : 8

·        Moisture Content          : 17,05 %

Prime Macronutrients content:

·        N                                 : 2,03 %

·        P2O5                                      : 1,46 %

·        K2O                             : 3,89 %

Pure Organic fertilizer is suitable for various types of plant and improves the soil structure, because it is made from 100% natural ingredients