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Presenting product products from natural sources for life

Molindo produces food grade ethanol with a high purity level of up to 99.9% through PT Molindo Raya Industrial located in Sumberwaras Village, Malang.

Molindo ethanol production with Prima and Super quality and Extra Super has been widely used by many large companies that produce cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and medicines, medical devices, cosmetics as well as alcoholic beverages and printing companies. This product is branded Molindo Ethanol.

CO2 gas as the second product produced from the fermentation process is processed by a Molindo subsidiary named PT Molindo Inti Gas which is also located in Sumberwaras Village, Malang. This product is sold in the form of Liquid CO2 and Dry CO2 and marketed with the Molindo CO2 brand.

Molindo side products in the form of fermentation and distillation processes have also been processed into organic fertilizer and potassium fertilizer with the brand Molindo Fertilizer. This potassium fertilizer product has even been exported to New Zealand as a flagship product from Indonesia.

Molindo collaborates with PT Petrokimia Gresik to distribute Molindo processed organic fertilizer to sugarcane farmers as a form of the company's CSR to support the national sugarcane planting process.


Ethanol, also called alcohol, ethyl alcohol or pure alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless, and liquid substance that is most commonly used in everyday life. This compound is a psychoactive drug and can be found in alcoholic beverages and modern thermometers. Ethanol is one of the oldest recreational drugs.

CO2 Gas

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula: CO2) or charcoal is a type of chemical compound consisting of two oxygen atoms that are covalently bonded to a carbon atom. CO2 is gaseous in standard temperature and pressure conditions and is present in the Earth's atmosphere. The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is approximately 387 ppm by volume although this number can vary depending on location and time. Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas because it absorbs infrared waves strongly.


Molindo production fertilizers are known as the trademark "Sinar Matahari". Currently there are two (2) types of products, namely: (i) ZK-PLUS Potassium Fertilizer (+ Micro Element) and (ii) Pure Organic Fertilizer SUN RAY. Potassium ZK-PLUS fertilizer can be used as a basic fertilizer or supplementary fertilizer, which is useful for increasing the weight and quality of agricultural products. Pure Organic Fertilizer is suitable for all types of plants and does not damage the soil, because it is made from 100% natural ingredients.