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About Molindo

We are Molindo, a group of companies that manages natural resource wealth for life.

Molindo Incorporated is a corporation consisting of PT Madusari Murni Indah Tbk as a holding company with 2 manufacturing companies namely PT Molindo Raya Industrial as an ethanol producer, PT Molindo Inti Gas as a CO2 producer and PT Sumber Kita Indah as a trading company and distribution.

Molindo has been manufacturing ethanol and CO2 gas since 1965 with a food grade ethanol production capacity of 80,000 KL per year. With this large production capacity, Molindo has become the largest ethanol producer in Indonesia with food grade quality.

Standing in Lawang - East Java, we are one of the first chemical companies in Indonesia. For more than 53 years, we have grown to more than 600 workers and spread across 3 provinces in Indonesia. The founder of the company to date remains the majority holder of business ownership.


History of Molindo

Molindo's history begins with PT Madusari Murni Indah (Madusari) which was founded in 1965 as an ethanol producer in Madukoro village, Malang.

In the development of its business, Madusari later acquired Molindo, which was also a competitor's ethanol producer at the time.

This group of companies then developed into ethanol producers and also CO2 gas with a production capacity of 80,000 KL per year.

Our Symbol - Molindo

We will be known and referred to as Molindo, the foundation of 4 corporations with different names and symbols for each business, but clinging to a symbol of the letter "i" which resembles a silhouette of a human with a head in the form of droplets or drops of water that describe chemical companies.

5 Characters from Molindo Symbols

Humans reflect corporations that are more humane, friendly and treat people more humanely.

The human form with the right hand is directed towards the future. This illustrates Molindo's human resources always looking forward and directing all of their business activities into the future.

Human form which stretches both hands as a form of openness and acceptance towards others. This form is a symbol that the company will continue to emphasize customer service and humanity in the company.

The shape of the human head is in the form of water drops or symbols of alcohol. This illustrates that all of Molindo's group of human resources have the mind to continue to put the company's focus as a company engaged in ethanol.

Human form also means that all products produced by the Molindo group are products that care and are useful for the needs of human life ranging from medicines, cosmetics, personal care to drinks and cigarettes

our vision

Being the leading and best integrated ethanol industry company in Asia Pacific, both in product quality and in standard production practices.

our mission

  • Producing and providing high quality products by operating in an integrated and attentive manner from the plantation, processing to marketing.
  • Increase high competitiveness among ethanol producers in the Asia Pacific.
  • Ensuring the entire production process from upstream to downstream, following the principles of quality management and environmentally friendly, and supported by professional organizations and human resources.
  • Carry out all activities of the Company by always relying on efforts to fulfill the interests of all shareholders.

Board of Commissioners

Ir. Sandojo Rustanto The main Commissioner
Ir.  Sandojo Rustanto
Drs. Indra Winarno, Msi Commissioner
Drs.  Indra Winarno, Msi
Handjojo Rustanto Commissioner
Handjojo Rustanto
Irene Rustanto Commissioner
Irene Rustanto
I Nyoman Darma Commissioner
I Nyoman Darma
Rodolfo C. Balmater Independent Commissioner
Rodolfo C. Balmater

Board of Directors

Adikin Basirun President Director
Adikin Basirun
Donny Winarno Director
Donny Winarno
Jose G. Tan Independent Director
Jose G. Tan